Tuwon Masara ~ Nigerian Corn Meal Swallow

Tuwon masara is a very popular Northern Nigerian swallow recipe prepared using processed maize.

Tuwon Masara is known as or called corn meal fufu or corn meal swallow in English.

To get your flour, you first need to get the maize or corn dried up. You can either use the white corn or the yellow corn to make the flour.

White Corn or Maize
Yellow Corn or Maize

Now to the dried corn or Maize, it is taken to the engine for a process known as maize offal removal in English and “tsurfe” in Hausa. This process is meant to remove the coats of the maize.

The engine brings out the maize and the chaff or Offals (coats) from the maize seperately.

After that, you breeze the maize to remove any more coats that might have escape into the maize before taking it for grinding in to flour form. Which is officially called “Garin Tuwon Masara” that is used to prepare Tuwon Masara.

Tuwon masara can be served with any soup of choice. In the north, it is mostly served with ;

I particularly served mine with Ogbono Soup.

One great thing about Tuwon Masara is that it doesn’t go to waste easily. It can go for days unspoiled as long as it gets warmed.

Below is a video on my channel you can watch on the complete preparation of Tuwon Masara.

So, lets begin cooking.


  • Garin Tuwo (Maize or Corn Flour)


The first thing to do is put water in a pot and set on heat to boil.

The quantity of water you use depends on the number of people you are preparing the meal for.

WhIle waiting for the water to boil, sieve the maize flour.

After sieving, turn a little from the sieved maize flour into a bowl.

Then add water and turn using a spatula to form a paste. The paste shouldn’t be too thick and should also be lump free.

If you must use your hands to get it to be lump free, then you can.

When the water begins boiling, turn the paste into the boiling water and stir using a spatula till it’s lumps free.

Then cover the pot and allow to cook for 7 to 10 minutes.

When the time is up, add the sieved maize flour to the cooked paste and stir till thick and lumps free.

Then add a little water round in the pot and cover it. Allow to cook for 7 minutes.

When the time is up, off the heat and stir once again before packing to serve.

Below is my Tuwon Masara served with Ogbono soup.

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