Soy Milk Recipe (3 Ingredients Needed)

Soy or soya milk is a drink recipe prepared using soaked soya beans.

With the nutritional benefits of soya beans, it’s safe to say soy milk is healthy for consumption and is also very natural.

I have heard a lot about this drink and I finally decided to try it out. I will say it’s nice but will prefer taking this like once a month.

To prepare this drink, I only used 3 ingredients but there are more ingredients you can add like ginger and flavor, and I also learned some add powdered milk to theirs.

One important thing you should know when cooking soy milk is that it foams a lot. So, it’s very advisable to be close by when it begins boiling to avoid it spilling over so which means you have to keep stirring.

And I also noticed that when it stopped foaming as it was boiling, the foam on top started coagulating. At this point, it’s advisable to sieve it again before adding the sugar and finally after setting it off the heat.

So, let’s begin.


  • 1 cup of Soya beans
  • 10 pieces of dates (dabino)
  • Sugar (desired quantity)


Pick out the dirt particles from the soya beans.

Then wash it and add more water and allow it to soak for 5 hours.

Also, split the dates into halves and wash them before soaking it too separately.

When the 5 hours have passed, wash and peel off the coats of the soya bean.

Note: Peeling the soya beans is not compulsory. You can still blend it without peeling off the back.

Then wash it well and add to a blender.

Also, add the soaked dates, and finally, add enough water to the blender before you blend.

Blend till it turns into a smooth paste.

Now spread a sieve in a bowl and turn the paste in it.

Rinse the blender and turn the water into the paste then sieve out the milk.

After sieving, squeeze the chaff to remove the remnant of the soy milk.

Then turn the soya milk into a pot already on heat and stir it a bit.

Then allow the soy milk to boil for an hour.

Note: But will have to check and stir at intervals as it foams a lot when boiling. To avoid it spilling over.

When the 1 hour is up, you can then set it off the heat and turn in a rubber.

Then add the sugar and stir till the sugar dissolves completely.

And that is it. You can serve it while still warm or allow it to cool down first before you serve.

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