Poundo Potato : How To Prepare Sweet Potato Poundo

Served Sweet Potatoes Poundo

So a few weeks back, I wrote a post on “How To Prepare Poundo Potatoes Flour”. Today, I will be telling you how to prepare the tuwo itself which is known as “Sweet Potato Poundo” or “Poundo Potato”.

The process of making the Tuwo is the same as making Amala. Both are also similar in color.

Sweet potato poundo can be served with soup of choice but is best served with draw soup like:

  1. Ogbono
  2. Fresh Okro or Fresh okro mixed with Ewedu
  3. Dry okro/okra etc.

To prepare the poundo, you will just be needing the flour, boiling water and a spatula for mixing Hausa will say “na Tukawa” or “na Tuka Tuwo”.

Not much right?

The quantity of flour and water to use, depends on the number of people you are preparing the food for.

One of the things I like about it is that it’s one of those swallows that can be left till the next day and still be good enough to eat. So don’t worry about leaving it overnight.

I cooked a lot of it because I prepared it for the whole family. And well, it was still good enough the next day (as expected).

So, let’s begin cooking then.


  • Sweet Potato Flour (Garin Dankalin Hausa)
  • Water

Watch the video below or read on…


Add water to a pot and set on heat and allow to boil.

Sieve the flour in a tray.

Turn the sieved flour in a suitable bowl.

Seived Sweet Potato Poundo Flour In Bowl
Sieved sweet potato in bowl

Add the sieved flour to the boiling water as you turn with a spatula in a clockwise or anticlockwise direction.

Started adding the sweet potatoes flour
Started adding the potato flour

Keep adding the flour and stirring till the poundo is thick.

Still adding flour
Still adding the potato flour

Stir very well till the flour is all mixed and make sure there are no molds or lumps.

Almost done mixing
Almost done mixing

After stirring, cover the pot and allow to cook for 15 minutes on low heat before serving.

Cooked Potato Poundo
Cooked sweet potato poundo

Sweet potato poundo served with dry okro/okra soup.

Potatoes Poundo Served With Dry Okro
Sweet potato poundo served with dry okra soup

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Always remember, Food is Love, Food is Life.

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  1. The process here is limited to the flour leaving the whole of raw work.Its OK but to ascertain portable product ,the process from raw sweet potato might involve expertise and professional imput for best result.I processed from the raw tubers.Hence,I did not sieve but the poundo was good and very swallowable.It is also good on vegetables soup.If not properly stirred to mix,you may have a feel of sweetness of the poundo on your throat.It must be stirred at temperature of boiling point of water which is 100degree centigrade and continued until the expected thickness is realized.Continuous addition without proper mixing with boiling water will reduce the strength of thickness and it is too soft for swallow.

    1. Dorcas

      If you check the swallow category on my website, you will see that I made the post on making the swallow itself separately.

      But thank you so much for the feedback. I love the feeling behind the comment.

      Thank you.

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