Okra / Okro Soup Recipe

Today, I will be showing you how to cook Okra or Okro soup.

Okra soup is one of the most popular draw soup recipes in Nigeria and it can be served with every fufu or swallow recipe there is.

Our main ingredients today are the okra/orko itself, some locust beans, goat meat, etc. You will get to find out the rest soon.

The quantity of okra/okro to use depends on the number of people you will be preparing the soup for.

I also used Ugu leaves but in small quantity as much is not needed in the soup.

Our recipe for today was served with Pupuru. As you can see below.

One important thing to note while cooking Okra/Okro soup is; after adding the chopped okro to the pot, the pot shouldn’t be covered because closing the soup will make it lose its resilience (stops it from drawing).

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So, let’s begin.


• 500g of Fresh Okra/Okro
• 400g Goat Meat
• Assorted fish (Dry and Stock fish)
• 2 small balls of Okpehe (locust beans)
• 2 tbls of grounded crayfish
• Ugu Leaf (small quantity)
• 10 pieces of habanero pepper
• 11 pieces of chili pepper
• 4 seasoning cubes
• Salt
• 1 cooking spoon of palm oil

You can also watch the video below on the soup recipe.


The first thing to do is to put water in a pot and set on heat while you wash the stock fish very well.

Put the washed stock fish in a bowl and add the dry fish to it. Now turn the hot water in it and allow to rest for 10-15 minutes.

While you wait for the fish, wash the pieces of meat well and pot in a suitable pot.

Add a seasoning cube and salt to taste. Add water to the level of the meat and set on heat to cook till soft.

Now wash and pieces the assorted fish to suitable sizes. Wash and pack into a bowl.

Now wash the okra and throw out the water. Cut the okra into very small pieces and set aside.

When you are done with the okra/okro, nicely chop the Ugu leaves. Add salt and water to the Ugu leaves mix and set aside.

Wash the pepper and add to a mortar. Also add locust beans and pound them together.

Now we can begin proper.

When the meat is cooked, add the washed assorted fish to it and mix.

Now add palm oil to the pot, add a little water and the grounded pepper, locust beans.

Mix well and cover the pot. Allow to boil very well so the palm oil will mix well.
When it is very well boiled, add the okro to the pot and mix.

Add the seasoning cubes, salt to taste and the grounded crayfish.

Mix and allow to cook for 4 minutes.

When the time is up, wash and add the Ugu leaves to the pot.

Mix and allow to cook for 2 minutes then you can turn off the heat and serve with fufu or swallow of choice.

I served mine with Pupuru.

Do enjoy and don’t forget to share with family and friends.

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