Kunun Doro, Kunun Tsuntsuwa: How To Make Kunun Doro

Served Kunun Doro 1

Today at Dee’s Mealz, we will be talking about a special Nigerian Drink known as Kunun Doro and which is also called Kunun Tsuntsuwa.

Kunun Doro is a special drink prepared mostly in the Northern part of Nigeria, particularly among the Southern Kaduna people in Kaduna state.

It is prepared using Bajra millet which is known as Doro in Hausa, Guinea corn and other herbs or spiced ingredients.

To prepare this drink, the first process is the removing of the coat of the Millet and Guinea corn which is known as Tsurfe in Hausa and that is done by pounding.

The pounding of the grains is done separately. Before you begin pounding, sprinkle a little water and continuously as you pound.

Apart from the uncoating of the millet and the fact that Kunun Doro is not sieved when cold, the method is the same as making Kunun Zaki.

So, let’s begin cooking.


  • 16 cups of Bajra Millet (Doro)
  • 10 cups of Sorghum (guinea corn)
  • 1 ½ tbls of cloves (kayan kanshi)
  • 5 pieces of fresh ginger
  • 4 cups of dry sweet potatoes

Below is a video you can watch for the step by step preparation of Kunun Doro or Kunun Tsuntsuwa.



Add 5 cups of the now uncoated doro to the guinea corn, mix well and wash thoroughly.

Turn into a suitable bowl.

Washed guinea corn and doro
Washed Guinea Corn mixed with Doro

Scrape, wash and cut the ginger to small sizes.

Pound the sweet potatoes and add to the washed guinea corn and doro.

Add the cut ginger and the Kayan kanshi, mix well and add water.

Added cut ginger 2
Added ginger
Millet and guinea corn mixed with ginger sweet potatoes and cloves
Millet and Guinea Corn mixed with potatoes, ginger and cloves

Take for grinding.


Now thoroughly wash the remaining doro and pack into a pot enough to take up to 20 liters of water.

Note: Be careful when packing into the pot to avoid adding the tiny stones that settle under the bowl.

Bajra millet in pot
Washed millet in pot

Fill the pot with water and set on heat to cook very well.

Adding water to the pot
Adding water to the pot


After grinding, get a wide basin and add 1/3 of the paste to it. Add a little water if necessary and mix well.

Note: The Paste should not be too watery.


When the millet is all cooked, and the water has boiled well, turn the boiled water in the mixed paste in the basin.

Mix well with a spatula and allow to cool down a bit (for up to 30 minutes).

Mixing the cooked kunun doro
Mixing the cooked kunun doro


After 30 minutes, add a little water to the remaining raw paste.

A bit cooled kunun doro
A bit cooled kunun doro

Mix well with a spatula and turn into the cooked kunun doro in the basin.

Mix well with a spatula and serve or allow to completely cool down before serving.

Added remaining raw paste
Added the remaining raw paste

You can set in the fridge to cool down before serving.

Served Kunun Doro

And we are done.

Do enjoy and don’t forget to share with friends and family.

And always remember “Food is Love, Food is Life

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