How To Steam African Spinach (Aleyahu)

Today, I will be telling you the right way to steam your African spinach to prepare either Efo Riro, Spinach Sauce or Vegetable Soup.

African spinach is known as “Aleyahu” in Hausa, “Efo Tete” in Yoruba and “Inine” in Igbo.

Below is a picture of the African Spinach.

Some people do not bother steaming their spinach before using it for soup because it’s not compulsory.

But personally, I prefer steaming my spinach first before adding it to either my jellof rice, Soup, Spaghetti etc.

And it’s always advisible to wash the vegetable first before and after cutting then you steam it.

When steaming the spinach, it is still needed to be green and also crunch. Which means it shouldn’t stay too long in the hot water.

Below is a step by step video you can also water on my youtube channel on how to steam your spinach.

So, let’s begin cooking.


  • 5 bunch of chopped African Spinach
  • Salt


Put water in a pot and set to heat.

Note: Just to heat up not boil.

Turn the chopped spinach in a bowl and add some salt to it.

Add enough water to the spinach and wash it well.

Note: I’m washing it to remove dirt and sand particles attached to the vegetable.

Pack out of the water and wash it again.

After washing well, pack into a basket and allow the water to drain a bit.

Then you turn the drained spinach in a clean bowl.

Now turn the hot water in the bowl and mix.

Allow to steam up for a minute after mixing.

When the time is up, turn the now steamed spinach into a basket and drain out the water.

Pour some cold water over the steamed spinach.

And finally squeeze out the excess water from the spinach.

And that’s it. You can now use the steamed spinach for it’s intended purpose.

I used mine to prepare Efo Riro as you can see below.

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