How To Prepare Semo/Semolina Fufu

Tuwon Semo

Today recipe is known as Tuwon Semovita, Semo or Semolina Fufu.

it is popular among the Nigerian homes, Restaurants and during occassions.

As much as some people do not like eating tuwo, other loves eating it a lot, as long as the right soup is provided.

Tuwon semo is very easy and quick to prepare.

So, let’s start cooking.


350g of semovita


Add two cups of water to a pot, set the pot on the heat and allow to boil.

Get a small bowl, turn a little Semovita flour and make a paste (not too thick and not too watery).

Raw Paste

Turn the paste into the boiling water and turn till it’s well mixed.

Paste Mixed With Boiling Water

Close the pot and allow to boil for 10 minutes.

Using your spatula, stir the paste in circles as you add in some Semovita flour. You need to be a little bit fast with the stirring to avoid getting small molds.

Keep adding and stirring till the paste becomes a bit strong. You can stop adding the semovita flour but you have to keep stirring for a minute to make sure it’s well mixed.

Stirred Semo
Stirred Semo

Close the pot and allow to cook for 10 minutes on low heat.

It is ready to be served. Pack into a plate or mold into a nylon and serve with your prepared soup.


More recipes coming.

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