How To Prepare Poundo Potatoes Flour (Garin Tuwo Na Dankali)

Poundo Potatoes Flour

Here in Nigeria, we have a lot of swallow recipes like Tuwon Shinkafa, Tuwon Dawa, Fufu, Eba, Pounded Yam etc. and each of them have their special ingredient. So does Poundo Potatoes.

Poundo Potatoes Flour can be prepared with dried Sweet Potatoes which is locally known as Dankalin Hausa or with Irish Potatoes which is locally known as Dankalin Turawa.

Today, I will be telling you how to prepare potates poundo flour using Sweet Potatoes.

Sweet Potatoes
Sweet Potatoes

From the name sweet potatoes, it is obvious that they are very sweet. So to make it perfect and suitable for the swallow, it is soaked for 3 days. But it requires changing the water every day for the whole 3 days.

The soaking helps in reducing the sweetness of the potatoes.

So, let’s begin


  • ½ bag of sweet potatoes
  • ½ tier of dried cassava (optional)

Here is a video you can also watch…



Cut all the sweet potatoes into small pieces and add to a basin.

Pieces of cut sweet potatoes
Pieces of cut sweet potatoes

Add enough water to cover the pieces of cut sweet potatoes and allow to sleep over.

Day 1

On the first day after soaking, pack the pieces of sweet potatoes out of the water. Throw away the water and add more water.

Day 1 soaking
Day 1 soaking

Day 2

On the second day repeat the same process in day one and so also on the third day.

Day 2 Soaking
Day 2 Soaking


After soaking process for 3 days, pack out of the water and spread in a suitable place to dry.

Spread pieces of sweet potatoes
Spread pieces of sweet potatoes


When all dried up, pack into a basin.

Dried pieces of sweet potatoes in basin
Dried pieces of sweet potatoes in basin

Get a mortar and pestle, fetch the dried potatoes and add to the mortar and pound to reduce the size.

Pack the pounded sweet potatoes into a suitable bucket and keep repeating the pounding process till the potatoes is finished.

Now pound the dried cassava if necessary, add to the pounded sweet potatoes and mix well.

Pounded Dried Sweet Potatoes
Pounded Dried Sweet Potatoes

Take for grinding into flour form.

After grinding, turn into a basin and spread open.

Allow to cool down before turning in a bucket and keeping for use.

Poundo Potatoes Flour in basin
Poundo Potatoes Flour in basin

How To Prepare  Poundo Potatoes is coming up soon.

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  1. Abdulmalik

    Very good of you. Keep up the good work of showing how this stuff are done in our indigenous local ways. Not with the use of sophisticated kitchen utensils or machineries that are out of reach for low class Africans like me. It gives us hope for living easier life. Allah ya miki Albarka

    1. Dorcas

      Amin. Thank you very much. This is to keep our Nigerian ways of cooking and culture intact. Do expect more of this.

  2. Abdulmalik

    Excellent…exactly what i am here for.

  3. Soz

    You did not peel the potatoes?

    1. Dorcas

      No I didn’t. But you can peel yours before soaking and drying. Keeping the peels is optional.

  4. Mafeng

    I’m so impressed with what you’re doing.. don’t stop

    1. Dorcas

      I’m glad. Thank you

    2. Priscilla

      Please mine is still a question. Must I soak the potatoes for 3 days befor I can dry them? If I want to dry them without soaking nko?

      1. Dorcas

        As the name implies sweet potato. It’s soaked for 3 days and changing of the water each day for those 3 days to reduce the sweetness of the potatoes. If you can withstand the sweetness of the potatoes then no need to soak it.
        And if you are using Irish potato instead, then there is no need to soak it.

  5. Nkechi

    Thank you for this. I was just wondering, must cassava or any other tubers be added to the potatoes? What is the draw back of just using only sweet potatoes and nothing else?

    1. Dorcas

      You’re welcome.
      No ma’am it’s not compulsory and as far as I know, only cassava tubers can be added to it that is if you want to add to yours.
      Using just the dried sweet potatoes doesn’t change anything. It still gives you the same outcome.

  6. Chime

    Thanks for the Heads up, it helped me. Is there any need for Parboiling it?. Is there any way the colour can be improved?

    1. Dorcas

      You’re welcome. There is no need of parboiling it before drying.

      If you were to parboil the potatoes before drying it, the sweetness of the potatoes will still remain in it and the swallow will become too sweet.

      I have not heard of a way to improve the color before.


        So captivating. It’s worth trying out. Thanks so much.

        1. Dorcas

          Thank you Ma’am.

          It sure is. Will love to get your feedback when you do.

  7. eeman

    can i package for sell

    1. Dorcas

      Yes you can.

  8. Ranyan

    Thank you very much for this recipe. I ate one last week couldn’t ask of the process of making the flour. I just went ahead to start processing mine then i bumped on how to reduce the sweetness. Thanks sis.

    1. Dorcas

      You’re welcome dear. I’m glad the post could be of help.

  9. Susan

    You are wonderful, may God bless you. I will try it

    1. Dorcas

      Bless you, too. Thank you.

      I will love to get your feedback on it.

  10. Phaleeds

    Thank you for the insight on how to make patotes flour

  11. Mercy

    Thanks alot someone say I should soak it with lemon to improve the colour, how true is that

    1. Dorcas

      You are welcome.

      That I know nothing about. But you can give it a tryout and see.

  12. Chioma

    Thanks for the recipe but won’t the soaking for three days make it too soft or slimy?

    1. Dorcas

      It sure will make it soft but not slimy as long as you change the water every day for those 3 days.

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