How To Prepare Nigerian Tomato Sauce (Palm Oil Method)

So, our recipe today is one I learned from a fellow Corp member in Ondo state.

I must say, this recipe is very tasty and also very easy to cook.

It’s a recipe to quickly prepare on those days you’re on a budget, or when you get an unexpected visitor and you need to prepare something real fast.

Even though it doesn’t take much time to prepare, it has a perfect taste as well as a nice aroma.

The best part is that it’s prepared using palm oil, making it have it’s own special taste.

The recipe that I have been talking about, is known as Tomato Sauce. I call it sauce because the tomatoes you’ll be using doesn’t need to be smooth, it’s not like we are preparing Tomato Stew.

With tomato being our main ingredient, it also needs pepper, any smoked fish of your choice and other ingredients we’ll talk about soon.

This recipe is mostly served with white rice, as you can see in the image below but it can also be eaten with white yam or even bread.

The detailed video is available below for you to watch or you can continue with steps in the post.

So, let’s begin cooking.


• 10 pieces of fresh Tomatoes
• 4 chili pepper
• 6 habanero pepper
• 1 medium size onion
• 1 large kpomo
• 2 smoked fish ( any fish of choice)
• 1 tblsp of fermented locust beans (Iru)
• 2 cloves of garlic
• 1 cooking spoon of Palm Oil
• 2 seasoning cubes
• Salt


Wash, grate the tomatoes and peppers. Peel and add the garlic while you grate.

Also wash and nicely chop the onions seperately.

Wash and cut the kpomo into small pieces.

Pick the bones off the fish and put in a plate.

Now with that done, we begin cooking properly.

Now set your pot on heat , add palm oil and allow to heat up.

Note: Don’t allow it get smoking hot.

Add the chopped onions and the locust beans. Mix and allow to fry for 2 minutes.

When the time is up, turn in the grated Tomatoes, garlic and pepper.
Mix and allow to boil for a bit.

After boiling for a while, add the seasoning cubes, salt to taste and mix.

Also add the pieces of kpomo and fish. Mix and allow the excess water to completely dry up before setting down from heat.

And our tomato sauce is ready.

See, I told you it was fast..

Do enjoy.

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