Tuwon Shinkafa, Rice Fufu : Nigerian Fufu Recipe

Served Tuwon Shinkafa

Hello guys Dorcas here, today I will be telling you guys how to make Tuwon Shinkafa which is also known as Rice Fufu.

If you have heard of Tuwon Shinkafa but don’t know how to make it, then you are in good hand. For those of you who know how to make it, that’s great.

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Tuwon shinkafa or Rice Fufu is prepare using local rice. It is swallow recipe that is popular among the the people of the Northern part of Nigerian.

Tuwon shinkafa is often prepared with soups like

  1. Egusi
  2. Groundnut
  3. Fresh Okro etc.

Tuwon shinkafa is among the dishes we refer to as “Swallow” mostly made and eaten in the Northern part of Nigeria. it is made using Local Rice.

Making Tuwon Shinkafa can be fun especially when we get to the stirring part. Make sure you have your spatula ready.

Any of the above will do the job depending on the quantity you are cooking.

We all know how Local Rice is, one minute you are enjoying eating and the next minute you are biting stones. So it’s advisable to pick any form of dirt in it before soaking.

Local Rice
Local Rice

So, let’s begin cooking.


  • 10 cups of Local rice

All practical lovers, below is the full video for you.


First get your Local Rice in a tray  and pick the dirt out of it.

Turn the picked rice into a suitable bowl and add enough water to cover the rice. Allow it to soak for 2 hours.

When the time is up, wash the rice thoroughly.

Turn the washed rice in a suitable pot and add 6 liters of water to it. Set on heat and allow to cook till very soft.

Note: Do not allow the water to completely drain

When the rice is completely cooked, use a spatula and stir the rice very well till all crushed and thick.

Cover up the pot and allow it to cook for around 15 minutes.

Now it’s ready to be served.

Served Tuwon Shinkafa with Groundnut soup
Tuwon Shinkafa served with groundnut soup

Enjoy your Tuwon Shinkafa and stick around for more recipes.

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