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Served Tom Brown Meal

Our recipe today is known with so many names such as Tom Brown or Tom Brown Meal or Tom Brown Food or Tom Brown Pap and also Tom Brown Porridge.

That’s a lot right?

So I talked about how to make Tom Brown flour a week back and today, I will be telling you how to make the pap or meal itself.

The Tom Brown meal is mostly prepared for babies when their parents intend to wean them.

Tom Brown is not restricted to babies or children alone, adults also are able to consume it.

It is highly nutritious and also safe for consumption.

There are two ways you can make Tom Brown. But no need to worry because, I will be telling you the two methods in this post.

What is necessary for you to know about preparing the pap is that the thickness of the pap depends on how thick the raw pap is after mixing. Which means, to get it to be thick, when mixing the raw pap in a bowl, it needs to be thick.


  • 5 cups of Tom Brown flour
  • 1 ½ cups of sugar
  • Powdered milk | Evaporated milk | Fresh Milk


Method 1

Below is a step by step video on the method 1 preparation you can also watch.

Add 1 ½ liters of water in a pot, set on heat and allow to boil.

Sieve the flour in a tray and turn in a suitable cup or bowl.

Add a little water and mix to make a paste.

Note: The paste shouldn’t be watery.

When the water begins to boil.

Turn it in the bowl containing the Tom Brown paste and mix well.

Cooked tom brown

Method 2

You can also watch the video below for the method 2 of making Tom Brown.

Set a suitable pot on heat add a liter of water to the pot, cover and allow to boil.

After sieving the flour, turn in a suitable bowl, add water to form a paste.

Note: the paste should be a little bit thick.

When the water begins to boil, fetch a little of the hot water in a cup and set aside.

Mix the paste and turn in the now boiling water.

Add the paste to the boiling water 1

Use a spatula to mix immediately.

Continue mixing with the spatula to avoid lumps.

Rinse the bowl with hot water in the cup and turn the water in the pot on heat.

Rinsing the bowl

Keep mixing till it’s cooked and thick before turning off or setting it down from the heat.

Next, turn in a suitable cup or bowl.

So after any of the two methods:

Add your milk of choice, sugar to taste and mix well.

And it’s ready for consumption.

Served Tom Brown Meal

Do enjoy and be back for more recipes.

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