How To Make Scrambled Eggs

And I’m back. Dorcas here, welcome once again. Today’s recipe is quite simple and can be prepared in Minutes. Scrambled eggs is very simple and tasty. If I was asked to choose between cooked and scrambled eggs, scrambled eggs will surely be my choice.

Scrambled eggs can be eaten plainly with tea, or fried yam, bread, fried chips and fried sweet potatoes.

Let start cooking….


3 Eggs

2 pieces of Fresh Pepper

Small size Onion

1 Seasoning Cube

2 tablespoon of Vegetable Oil or 1 tablespoon of Butter


Wash your Pepper and Onion, grate and put it in a bowl.

Break your eggs and add to the grated Pepper and Onion.

Add the seasoning cube and beat the egg with your spoon until the seasoning is well mixed.

Set your frying pan on the fire and add your vegetable oil.

Allow to heat up a little and turn your egg in the frying pan. Allow to fry for 20 seconds.

Using your Spoon,  stir until you get little bits.

You will know it’s ready when it starts turning golden brown.

Turn your scrambled eggs into a plate, and serve.

Enjoy your Scrambled Eggs.

Cook with you next time.

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