How To Cook Okra/Okro Soup (Fresh Okra mixed with Ewedu Leaves)

Served okro and ewedu soup

Welcome back to Dee’s Mealz. Today I will be telling you how to make fresh Okro Soup mixed with Ewedu leaves. Fresh okra is locally called “danyen Kubewa” in Hausa, while Ewedu leaves is known as “Ayoyo”.

Some people call it okra, while some knows it as okro. I will be interchanging the names in the post so you can get familiar with it.

Most of us know about or may have eaten Ewedu soup before. But do you know that you can mix your Ewedu leaves with Okro? I will be talking on how to do that today.

This soup is so tasty and natural. It can be used to eat food like Pounded Yam, Akpu, Eba, Tuwon Rice etc.

I call this soup natural because it does not need any oil added to it e.g Palm oil.

There are two ways you can prepare the fresh okra for the soup.

  1. Wash the okro and grate using a hand grater.
  2. You can cut the okro into small round shapes and pound using a mortar and pistil till it’s all crushed.

I will be using fresh fish to prepare today’s okra/okro Soup (mixed with Ewedu Leaves)

How To Cook Okra/Okro Soup (Fresh Okra mixed with Ewedu Leaves) 1
Fresh Okro and Ewedu Leaves


  • 1 bunch of Ewedu leaves
  • Fresh Okra
  • 1 teaspoon of Locust Beans
  • 6 pieces of fresh Pepper
  • Fresh Fish
  • 1 tablespoon of grounded Crayfish
  • 5 Seasoning cubes
  • Salt
  • 1/3 teaspoon of Potash

Below is a video you can also watch on the preparation of Okra Soup mixed with Ewedu leaves.


Pick the Ewedu leaves from the stalk, chop and set aside.

Chopped Ewedu leaves
Chopped Ewedu leaves

Wash the Okro, drain from the water and grate.

Wash the pieces of fish and put in a pot. Add water, 1 seasoning cube and set on heat. Allow to cook for 5 minutes.

While waiting for the fish to cook, wash and grate the pepper and set aside.

When the time is up, pack the fish into a bowl and add the grated pepper to the pot.

cooked fish in pot
Cooked fish in pot

Add 500ml of water to the pot. Note: the quantity of water depends on the quantity of the Okro.

Add the locust beans, grounded crayfish, seasoning cubes and salt to taste. Cover the pot and allow to boil.

Add the grated okro and potash to the now boiling water, stir using a stirrer or a cooking spoon till the okra is well mixed and allow to cook for 5 minutes.

When the 5 minutes is up, add the chopped ewedu leaves and stir.

Now add the cooked fish, stir a bit and allow to cook for 3 more minutes.

Stirred okro and ewedu leaves soup
Stirred okro and ewedu leaves soup

And your soup is ready to be served.

Okro and ewedu soup served with eba
Okro and ewedu soup served with eba

Enjoy and stick around for more Nigerian food recipes.

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