How to make Mixed Pepper Spice (Dried)

Mixed Pepper Spice
Mixed Pepper Spice

There’s no doubt about the fact that from time to time, we use mixed pepper in our homes. We use it to eat delicacies such as Akara (Beans Cake), fried yams, fried potatoes, Wara (which is soya beans cake), Danwake  e.t.c

The first time I actually saw someone eat it with food was when I saw a friend of mine at the University adding it to a plate of white rice and beans. She added vegetable oil to it and that was all.

At first I was a bit perplexed but when I tasted it, it was quite good. The best part is, it doesn’t take long to just mix up the pepper with food to serve a hungry student.

Ever since then, I decided that mixed pepper spice should always be available to me so I don’t go hungry on my busy days. If you agree with me on this, then today, I, Dorcas will be teaching you how to make mixed pepper spice.

Let’s get cooking???

Making your mixed pepper at home is very easy. You won’t be needing a lot of ginger because the dried pepper is quite hot enough.

Because we will be using the mortar and pistil, it will be best to put the pepper bit by bit to enable you finish on time. Here are the things you will be needing.


  • Dried Cayenne Pepper  or dried Habanero pepper
  • 4 pieces of Dried Ginger
  • 2 seasoning cubes
  • Salt


The pepper has to be very dry. If the pepper you have isn’t dry enough, make sure you put it out in the sun so you get that dryness.

Dried Pepper and Ginger
Dried Pepper and Ginger

Using your mortar and pistil, pound the dried pepper.

When it’s all crushed, add in the ginger. The ginger will have to be very dry to enable it be powdery when pounding.

Add in a pinch of salt and the seasoning cubes.

Keep pounding until you get a very powdery mixture. If you the very smooth powdery texture, you can sieve the mixture to get that result.

When it’s smooth enough, get a container and turn the mixed pepper into it.

Mixed Pepper Spice
Mixed Pepper Spice

It’s ready. I normally use mine to eat Danwake. There are a lot of stuff people eat with mixed pepper, I’m curious to know what you eat it with.

You can tell me what you eat it with in the comments below.

Thank you. I will be talking to you soon.

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