How To Make Danwake From Scratch

How To Make Danwake

Hello everyone, welcome to another recipe, on Dee’s Mealz. Today, we will be learning how to make Danwake from scratch.

This dish is mostly made and eaten in the Northern part of Nigeria, particularly among the Hausa’s. It is very soft and very easy to make as long as you have the right ingredients. The taste is so WOW.

It can be garnished with chopped cucumber, tomatoes and cabbage.

Some tend to add cooked eggs too.

After making the danwake, some people use fresh chopped onions to eat with it.

But not everyone is quite okay with that because it can cause purging or a rumbling tummy.

So, if you aren’t okay with eating fresh onions, chop the onion and fry it with the vegetable oil.

There are two ways of preparing the main components:

  1. By mixing Guinea corn, Beans, dried cassava and grinding them.
  2. By using baking flour.

I’m going to be telling you how to make both from start to finish.

How To Make Danwake Flour From Scratch

My homemade Danwake flour

To make your homemade Danwake Flour, you will be needing guinea corn, dried Cassava and white beans.

Not much right? It’s also quite fast and easy to make. Below is my outcome served:


So let’s begin.


  • 10 cups of Guinea Corn
  • 2½ tin of White Beans
  • Almost a tier of dried Cassava

Below is a video on how to prepare the Danwake Flour from scratch.


  1. Wash the Guinea corn to remove dirt or stones, spread to dry.
  2. Pound the dried Cassava and turn in a bowl if necessary.
  3. Pick the dirt from the beans and add it to the bowl ( we don’t want much of the beans, to avoid having too much of the smell while making the Danwake).
  4. Add in the dried Guinea corn, mix well and grind.
  5. After grinding, spread in the middle and allow to cool down.

You can decide to sieve it all and store in a tight container or sieve everytime you want to prepare your danwake after it has cooled down.

Note: The grinding should be dry because we need the flour form and not the paste.

Now we have succeeded in making the homemade Danwake flour. I will be using Baking flour to make my danwake today. Let’s start the cooking.


  • 2 cups of Danwake flour or Baking flour
  • 1 tablespoon of baobab powder (kuka)
  • Half teaspoon of potash
  • Mixed Pepper
  • 1 medium size Onion
  • 1 seasoning cube
  • 1/2 tin of Vegetable Oil

Sometimes i don’t like reading and if you don’t either, here is a video.


Put the potash into a cup, add 1½ cup of water and stir with a spoon to make sure it is completely dissolved.

Get a bowl, add in the Danwake or Baking Flour and add in the baobab flour (kuka). Use a spoon to stir until they are well mixed up together.

flour and boabab powder
flour and boabab powder

Add in the potash water bit by bit and stir with a spoon or the hand to make a dough.

Note: the mixture should not be too strong and not watery too. Say like a cake or puff-puff mixture.

danwake paste
danwake paste

Get your pot on heat, add 3 cups of water and allow to boil.

When the water starts boiling, use your hand and fetch the dough, cut into small chunks and put each chunk in the boiling water. After you have added a lot, use a spoon and stir the ones in the pot as you keep adding.

danwake on heat
danwake on heat

When you are done adding, allow to cook for 4 more minutes, off the heat and pour the water in the pot away, wash 2 times with cold water.

Add a cup of cold water and set aside.

Peel and wash the Onion and cut into small pieces.

Note: You can use the sliced onions as it is. but if you don’t like eating raw onions, get your frying pan, add ½ tin of vegetable oil and set on heat and add the sliced onion to fry for 2 minutes.

Fetch the quantity of Danwake you will like to eat and put into a plate.

Add in the mixed Pepper, crush in 1 seasoning cube, add 4-5 tablespoon of vegetable oil and add the sliced onions. Mix with a spoon and you are all set and ready to eat.

My mouth is already salivating.

Thank you. Till next time.

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