Amala : How To Make Amala

Tuwon Amala
Tuwon Amala

Amala is a very popular Nigerian Recipes especially among the Yorubas, but really, it is now cooked and eaten by most cultures in Nigeria.

Dorcas here, welcoming you to Dee’s Mealz.

Today I we will be talking about how to make Amala, I’m sure you guessed it when I said it is especially cooked by the Yorubas.

Anyway, today’s Amala will be made from scratch. What I mean is, I will be telling you guys how to make the flour all the way to the Amala itself.

If you don’t need to know how to make the flour (it takes some time to make), you can always buy it in your local market.

The flour is made using yam or yam with dry cassava. Let’s get started.

Method of Making Amala Flour (Elubo)

You will be needing a whole yam.

Cut the yam with the bark into small pieces, turn into a bucket, add water and allow to stay over night.

Wash it the next day and spread to dry.

When it is well dried, pound it with your mortar and pistil. Turn in a bucket and go grind it.

If you don’t want your Amala to end up too black in color, you can add the yam with dried cassava and mix before going for grinding.

And we are all set and ready to make our Amala.


  • Yam Flour (Elubo)


If you will be making for just one person, 2 medium cups of water will be okay. But since I am making for myself and my boyfriend, I will be using 4 medium cups of water ,

Add the water in the pot and set on the heat to boil.

Sieve the yam flour in a tray and wait for the water to boil.

Yam Flour
Yam Flour

Using your Spatula, stir gently as you add in the flour into the boiling water.

Continue to stir and add until it’s strong enough.

Stirred Amala
Stirred Amala

Add a little water, close the pot and allow to cook for 8 minutes on low heat.

Drop from the heat, stir and serve with soup of your choice.

I ate mine with Ogbono Soup.

Enjoy your meal.

Cook with you next time.

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