How To Cook Yam Porridge With Vegetable

Served Yam Porridge

Hey guys. Welcome back to Dee’s Mealz. Today we will be making yam porridge. Yam porridge is quite easy to prepare, and also very tasty.

The quantity of yam to use when making yam porridge depends on the number of people you are cooking for and since I will be cooking for 2 people today I will be using ½ tuber of yam.

You can use smoked fish or fresh fish to prepare your porridge. I will be using fresh fish to prepare this meal today.

You can also add either African Spinach, Pumpkin leaves (Ugu) or Bitter leaves. But for today’s cooking, I will be using African Spinach.

African Spinach (Aleyahu)
African Spinach (Aleyahu)

So let’s start cooking.


  • ½ tuber of Yam
  • 1 bunch of African Spinach
  • 7 pieces of fresh pepper
  • 1 small size Onion
  • Fresh fish
  • Palm Oil
  • Salt
  • 5 seasoning cubes

You can watch the video below to help in the cooking of the porridge.

Before you start cooking, you will need to:

  • Cut the fish in half, wash twice with water and set in a pot. Add 1 seasoning cube, a cup of water and set on heat to cook.
Fresh Fish
Fresh Fish
  • Peel the yam and cut it into small chunks.
Chopped Yam
Chopped Yam
  • Chop the vegetables, salt it, add water and mix it. Allow to rest for 5 minutes.
  • Wash and grate the Pepper, Onion and set aside.


Off the heat and pack the fish into a plate.

Cooked Fish
Cooked Fish

Wash the pieces of yam and add it to the pot with the fish stock and set back on heat.

Add in the palm oil and the grated Pepper and Onion.

Add the 4 seasoning cubes and salt to taste. Close the pot and allow to cook.

While the yam boils, debone the fish.

After deboning the fish, add it to the pot mix well with a spoon and close the pot. Allow to cook till the yam is soft.

Check with a fork to know the softness of the yam then wash the vegetables with water twice and add to the cooked yam. Mix very well with a spoon and allow for 4 minutes.

Chopped Vegetables
Chopped Vegetables

Set down from heat after the 4 minutes is up and your yam porridge is ready to be served.

yam porridge
yam porridge

Enjoy your meal…

Don’t forget to check back for more recipes.

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