How To Cook Spaghetti With Beans (With Vegetable Oil)

Today at Dee’s Mealz, I will be telling you how to cook spaghetti mixed with beans.

To prepare this recipe, you can use Iron beans, brown beans, etc.

For today, we will be learning how to cook beans and spaghetti together in one pot. Yummy right? No worries, it’s healthy and quite simple to prepare.

Beans in general, is known to be very healthy for consumption and it gives protein to the body.

You can add a lot of ingredients and assorted meat or fish to this dish. This will make it more appealing and more tasty.

To cook spaghetti and beans, you can use palm oil or vegetable oil. We all know that palm oil is a bit sticky to the mouth, so I prefer using vegetable oil in cooking this recipe.

I will be using tomato stew to prepare this recipe and the tomato stew comprise of fresh tomatoes, habanero and chili pepper, onion and tomato paste.

Below is a video to watch on the detailed preparation of this recipe.

So, let’s begin cooking.


  • 1 packet of Spaghetti
  • 4 cups of white beans
  • 1/3 teaspoon of potash (optional)
  • 2 tbls of grounded crayfish
  • 5 garlic cloves
  • 3 cups of tomato stew (comprise of tomatoes, habanero and chili pepper, onions grinded together and tomato paste)
  • 2 medium size chopped onion
  • 4 stalks of spring onion (optional)
  • 6 seasoning cubes
  • Salt
  • 1 1/2 cup of Vegetable Oil


Pick the beans, and turn in a bowl.

Heat up some water and turn in the beans. Cover and allow for 15 minutes.

When the time is up, turn the beans in a basket and throw out the water. Wash the beans once again and pack into a pot.

Add water to the beans and add the potash to it (make sure the level of water is over the beans).

Cover the pot and set on heat to cook till soft.

Note: Some people do not like to use potash when cooking beans, so if you are one of those people, set it on heat without adding the potash.

Washed Beans in pot
Washed Beans in pot

Chop and wash the spring onion and turn in a suitable plate.

Chopped spring onions
Chopped spring onions

Nicely chop the onions and garlic cloves.

When the beans are soft, turn in a basket so the water can drain. Wash with water twice and set aside.

Cooked and washed beans
Cooked and washed beans

Set an empty pot on heat, add the vegetable oil, the chopped onion and garlic. Mix and allow to fry for 5 minutes.

When the time is up, turn in the tomato stew in the pot, mix and allow to fry for 5 more minutes.

Vegetable oil and tomato stew in pot
Vegetable oil and tomato stew in pot

Add 1 liter of water to the pot when the time is up.

Add the seasoning cubes and salt to taste.

Add the grounded crayfish, stir with a cooking spoon, cover the pot and allow to boil.

Added water and ingredients
Added water and ingredients

When the water is boiled, break the spaghetti in halves and add to the pot.

Added Spaghetti
Added Spaghetti

Cover the pot and allow to cook.

Check with interval to avoid the spaghetti sticking under the pot.

Note: this is to allow the spaghetti settle in the pot without it sticking together.

Then allow to get cooked.

When the spaghetti is cooked and the water has almost dried up, add the cooked beans and the chopped spring onion.

Mix well and allow to cook till the water is all dried up.

Set down from heat and serve or allow to cool down before serving.

Do enjoy and be back for more Nigerian food recipes.

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