How To Cook Nigerian Moimoi

Cooked Moimoi

Hey guys, welcome back to Dee’s Mealz. Today, we will be learning how to prepare Moimoi.

Moimoi is prepared using peeled white or brown beans, habanero pepper, Onion and vegetable or palm oil. The beans are usually separated from the coat because it tends not to settle with the digestive system of some people.

Moimoi can be prepared for breakfast, lunch or dinner and can be eaten with pap, jellof or fried rice, soaked garri e t c.

You can either add Fish, boiled eggs, beef or mutton to the moimoi. I will be using fresh fish to cook this meal.

Moimoi can be cooked using tins, plastic rubber or nylon. I will be using nylon for the cooking today.

I will be using brown beans to prepare moimoi. So, lets start cooking…


  • 3 tins of brown beans
  • 7 pieces of habanero pepper
  • 5 pieces Chilli Pepper
  • 1 medium size Onion
  • Fresh Fish
  • 6 seasoning cubes
  • Salt
  • Vegetable oil

Below is a video you can watch on how to prepare moimoi or you can continue reading the steps.

How to wash the beans.

The first thing to do is to put the beans in a bowl, add water enough to cover the beans and allow to soak for 10-15 minutes.

There are two ways to easily remove the beans coat.

The first is pack the beans out of the water after 15 minutes and turn into a mortar and use the pestle to pound the beans till the coat is separated from the beans.

Turn into a wide bowl and add enough water. Get a small bucket and put a basket on top, wash the beans and turn the water into the basket. Keep repeating this step till the coat is all out. Avoid turning the beans into the basket with the beans coat.

Secondly, when the beans is soaked, use your palm and scrub. Keep scrubbing till the coats are separated from the beans before you wash.


Now wash the peeled beans in fresh water and pack into a bowl.

Wash the pepper, onion and add to the bowl with the beans then blend or take for grinding into a smooth paste.

Peeled Beans
Peeled Beans with pepper and onion

Cut the fish into pieces, wash, put in a pot, add a little water and 1 seasoning cube and set on heat to cook for 7 minutes.

Off the heat and pack the fish out of the water. Debone the fish and add to the grounded paste.

Cooked Fish 2
Deboned Fish

Turn the deboned fish into the paste and mix.

Add the seasoning cubes, salt to taste and vegetable oil to the beans paste and mix. Add a little water or the fish stock. Note: the paste should not be too watery.

Deboned Fish in beans paste
Beans Paste salt, seasoning cubes and vegetable oil

Open the nylon (use 2 to avoid breakage while cooking).

Get a small cup or deep cooking spoon, fetch the paste and put into the nylon. Note: Do not put too much paste per nylon to enable it cook on time.

When you are done tying, add some water enough to make the nylon float.

Cover the pot and allow to cook for 1 hour 20 minutes. Check after the first 30 minutes should you need to add water.

When the time is up, off the heat and allow to cool down before serving.

Moimoi Paste in nylon
Cooked moimoi

Do enjoy. More recipes coming…

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