How To Cook Fresh Catfish Pepper Soup

Catfish Pepper Soup

Welcome to another Recipe of Dee’s Mealz. Today, I will be telling you how to make Catfish Pepper Soup.

I’m so happy writing about this today because it’s my best appetizer. It is not time consuming and does not get you tired.

Everyone has his or her preference, so I will be telling you about two ways of making your Catfish Pepper Soup.

The second method is mostly for people who do not like the stench of fresh fish. The draining will reduce the level of smell of the fish. However, it takes more time than the first method.

Let’s start cooking.


  • 1 Catfish
  • 3 pieces of Fresh Pepper
  • 1/2 small sized Onion
  • 2 seasoning cubes
  • 1 teaspoon of Pepper Soup Spice (Available in the market)
  • Salt
  • Oven (optional)

Washing Process

You will need to wash your fish to rid it off its sliminess. To do that, you will be needing salt or ash and a bowl.

Put the fish into the bowl and add a lot of  salt or ash. Using your hand, scrub the fish.

When you are done salting, add clean water and wash 3-4 times.

Method 1

Cut your fish to required size, put in a pot, add two cups of water and set on medium heat.

Add your Seasoning cubes, Salt, Pepper Soup Spice.

Add the grated pepper and onion.

Allow to cook for 10 minutes.

Method 2

Set your Oven to 200 degrees

Cut your fish to required size and place in an oven (this method is to reduce the water from the fish and make the flesh thicker).

Let it stay in the oven for 15 minutes and flip it over and allow for another 15 minutes.

Oven Roast
Oven Roast

After the whole 30 minutes, put the fish into a pot and add a cup of water (because of the oven process, it will not take much time to cook).

Set the pot on medium heat, add the seasoning cube and salt.

Add your grated Pepper, Onions and Pepper Soup Spice.

Cover your pot and allow to cook for 8 minutes.

And Catfish is ready to be served..

I wish you could join me.

Till next time.

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