Homemade Nigerian Peppersoup Spice Mix

There are days you so wish to prepare peppersoup but you remember that you don’t have the spices at home.

So, today on Dee’s Mealz, I will be telling you how to prepare your homemade peppersoup spice mix using natural herbs and spices.

There are alot of herbs and spices that you can add to your peppersoup spice but I just pick 4 out because they are all giving us the same outcome.

The good thing about this spice mix is that aside peppersoup, you can also use it when cooking jellof rice, nigerian soups and stew.

I used the pounding method to prepare this spice but if you don’t want to go through all the stress, you can decide to use a blender or an electric spice grinder.

You can also watch the video below on the steps of the preparation.

So, let’s begin.


  • 1 handful of dried ginger
  • 1 tbls of Uziza Seed
  • 1 tbls of Uda Seed
  • 1 handful of Calabash Nutmeg


The first thing you need to do is to roast the calabash Nutmeg abit in a pan.

Allow to cool down then peel the outer shell.

Next is to mix all the spices together.

Next you turn the spices in the mortar and pound

Or turn in a blender or electric spice grinder and blend to flour form

When you are done pounding, pack out and turn in an airtight container.

My peppersoup spice is ready. Peppersoup load……..ing for me.

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