Efo Riro : Nigerian Spinach Stew (The Yoruba Style)

Our recipe of today is a very popular recipe among the Yorubas in the western part of Nigeria. It is popularly called Efo Riro or Spinach Stew.

It’s called spinach stew because it’s made with only spinach or African Spinach ( known as aleyahu in Hausa).

Aside the spinach, pepper, shaki, kpomo is also included in the pot when cooking and other ingredients you will get to know soon.

Iru is also added to this recipe but I know some people are not a fan of it in their meals. So if you are one of them, you can keep out the Iru when cooking.

Also, there is no need for tomatoes in this soup recipe and also when preparing it, avoid adding water.

When going through the post or video, you will see that, I only used the stock from the cooked assorted and I allowed it boil for a while before I finally added the steamed spinach.

And also be careful to not allow the spinach steam for too long because we need the vegetable to be green as you can see below

The best part about cooking this soup recipe is that is doesn’t take time. It’s fast, easy and also very tasty.

I’m really excited taking you through this recipe because it’s one among my preferred soup recipes.

You can serve this soup recipe with white rice or swallow of choice.

Below is a step by step video you can also watch on how to prepare this soup recipe.

So, let’s begin cooking.


  • 5 bunch of chopped African spinach (Aleyahu)
  • 18 pieces of Chili pepper
  • 22 pieces of Habanero pepper
  • 2 medium size chopped onions
  • Shaki (Cow tripe)
  • 1 large kpomo (cow skin)
  • 2 roasted fish
  • 2 1/2 tbls of grounded crayfish
  • 1 tbls of Iru
  • 6 seasoning cubes
  • Salt
  • 2 cooking spoon of Palm oil


First, heat up some water and add to the fish and set it aside.

Note: The hot water is meant to make the fish soft and easy to debone.

Next is to wash the shaki (cow tripe) very well and pack into the pot.

Wash and scrape the kpomo then cut it to desired size. Wash and pack into the pot.

Lastly debone and pieces the fish to desired size. Wash and pack into the pot.

Now add a seasoning cube, a little salt and enough water above the level of the assorted.

Set on heat to cook till very soft.

With that done,

Add water to the pepper, then pick and wash it.

Turn the washed pepper into a mortar and pound or use a grater instead.

Note: I don’t want the pepper mix to be too smooth that is why I didn’t blend it.

When you are done pounding or grating, pack and set aside.

Put water in a pot and set on heat. Will be using it to steam the African spinach.

Now add salt to the chopped spinach in the bowl, add water and wash very well.

Pack out of the water, add more water and wash well one again.

I am washing the spinach to remove dirt and sand particles attached to it.

After washing, pack into a basket and let the excess water drain a bit.

Then turn the spinach into a bowl and turn the hot water in it.

Mix it together and allow for a minute.

Now turn the steamed spinach in a basket when the time is up.

Drain it and pour some cold water over it then squeeze out the water and set it aside.

When the assorted is cooked, set it down from heat and turn in a bowl.

Set an empty pot on heat and add the palm oil to it. Allow to heat up a bit.

Then add the chopped onions and fermented Iru and mix.

Now add the pounded pepper and mix.

Allow to fry for 2 minutes.

When the time is up, mix and add the cooked assorted and stock.

Add the seasoning cubes, salt to taste, the grounded crayfish and mix.

Allow to boil well.

When it has boiled, add the steamed african spinach and mix well.

Allow to cook for a minute when you are done mixing.

Off the heat and serve with your already cooked white rice or swallow of choice.

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