About Dorcas Garba

About Dorcas Garba 3

Hi, my name is Dorcas Garba, owner of Dee’s Mealz. I’m the second born in a family of 8. Long queue right? I was born in the 1990s in Nigeria and still live here.

I started cooking at the age of 12. I remember my first meal was Tuwo (not Semovita).

It was so strong that a person would feel the pain if it was thrown at them. I didn’t give up, I kept trying and today, I can say I am doing great with cooking.

As a kid, I dreamt about pursuing a lot of professions like Accounting, Teaching, being a Veterinarian (family line), being a Nurse, a Musician, an Actress, a Dancer… many dreams right? I know.

As I grew up, I got to realize that I am more of a practical person, I like seeing how things are done, not just being told.

Well, I grew up and after completing my Secondary School in 2011, I was home waiting to get accepted into a University.

In the year 2015, I got accepted at the Institute of Computing and ICT, ABU Zaria to get a Diploma in Computer Science. In the second year of the Diploma program, I made a lot of friends and among my friends was Shaibu Ibrahim who is now my boyfriend.

During my Diploma days, I stayed in the hostel and got to meet ladies that knew little about cooking, which made them junk food consumers (I know sometimes those are great too) or constantly buying from restaurants on campus.

The guys are also not left behind, some guys find it hard to cook, not that they aren’t good at it, but they just don’t like it. I believe that guys cook the best.

Everyone has the passion in them (the passion to cook really good recipes), it’s just a matter of figuring how to go about it.

After finishing my Diploma program, I got accepted to get a BSc. in Computer Science at the Ahmadu Bello University in 2016.

I dreamt and thought of cooking nice dishes a lot, but it never crossed my mind to own a website. I didn’t even know how, until my boyfriend brought the idea during our Industrial Training in 2018.

He told me, “why not start a blog on teaching people how to cook our Nigerian recipes?”

I bought the idea because now a days, everyone is online, and creating a website to help those out there who want to learn how to make really tasty dishes was a great idea.

So, I started working on it, he did most of the research and put me through. He designed the interface and took care of the security on the website while I watched. With time I began to understand how it was done before I started to populate the website with recipes and upgrading the website design.

Working on the website and schooling was very hard, but I kept on trying even though I wasn’t posting as much as I wanted to.

Eventually, I made my first YouTube video on 26 April, 2019 which he helped me in editing, even though I didn’t really appreciate the video till later on because I didn’t have the right utensils and video gear to use. It took time before I recorded the second video which he still edited while I watched. When I recorded the third video, I edited it and so on….

I am now a graduate and I plan to do this full time. So, stick around and enjoy as there will be plenty to choose from.