Dee’s Mealz is a cooking website that was created based on inspiration from a friend of mine and that was in the month of November 2018 while we were on SIWES and it is meant to teach anyone that has the interest to be a good cook how to cook different tasty meals (yes, I have seen Ratatouille) by sharing the step by step preparation of both our popular and unpopular Nigerian recipes and with time, we will get to branch out to cooking recipes outside Nigeria.

Starting a cooking blog or website entails a lot of things such as design(logo, website etc), color schema, content etc. It will specifically be hard if you know nothing about website design which makes research (lots of it) the first thing to do before all the design and others.

For the whole of December 2018 and the first 2 weeks of January 2019 (school was not so serious because we just resumed), I bought a new note book and made a list of the recipes I wanted to start with and eventually wrote down the steps taken to prepare them. For the rest of January to February, I thought and sketched the type of design I would want on the website, the colors to use, the motto to use, the name I should use and how I wanted the logo to look like.

After much though and contemplation, the domain was registered and Dee’s Mealz was officially launched in the month of march 2019 with the domain name and the motto is “Food is Love, Food is Life”. But paying for the domain and the hosting was just a tiny piece from the whole cake.

That was rather the official starting of all the work. Constant designs, changes and upgrades just to see what fits more from time to time.

My first blog post/article was “How to Cook Tuwon Shinkafa” on the 5 march 2019. I most say, it wasn’t really the perfect post, but it was understandable.We in Nigeria have a lots of tribes and each of this tribes have their special recipes that we love cooking and eating. Even though some of this recipes are quite similar, there are some are totally new to others.

Nigerian has 5 regions; the North, South, East, West and Middle belt and you will see that some northerners are really interested in learning the recipes from the southern, western or Eastern part of the country and so also for other regions.

Dee’s Mealz is meant to give you the opportunity to learn all this recipes, Recipes from every part of Nigeria not just for Nigerians who want to learn, or improve their cooking, but also for our brothers and sisters outside Nigeria, who have missed home cooking. So, here at Dee’s Meal, I will be telling you how to cook most of these recipes if not all.


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From 2019 to 2021, Dee’s Mealz has improved a lot and it’s all thanks to you my viewers.

Thank you for the opportunity. Step by step together, we will travel all over Nigeria by cooking most of our tasty meals.

Dee’s Mealz has a YouTube channel where I share all the videos of the cooked recipes. The link to my channel is below: Dee’s Mealz Channel

And if you wish to get in contact with me, you can reach me using any of the mediums on my Contact Me page.

You can also chat me up on WhatsApp for a one on one discussion regarding any recipe you will want to know more about.